not being able to help sad friends is maybe one of the worst feelings


when will my motivation return from war


The older I get the more I seem to understand this


The older I get the more I seem to understand this






Anyone else find it odd that Knuckles of all people is the only one smart enough to realize this is a stupid idea.

You could argue that he’s the kind of people who looks at jokes at face value. Everyone probably sees how dumb it is, but is doing it anyway because it sounds kinda fun. Though it being a matter of importance being about the chaos emeralds is what makes it more stupid and apparent to a character like Knuckles. It’d just be funner for the other characters to tease Knuckles about how is addressing how stupid it is I guess.

Day 2: Post a picture of you when you were younger

"Crona, do you have any pictures of when you were a child?"

"W-well only one…b-but it’s not a good picture…"

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I finished a sketch way past the point of how I normally draw it, I finished some homework, and I managed to get up within a proper amount of time to get to my first class when only going to bed like 2.5 hours ago for the first time in like a month.

If it weren’t for me being frozen on the inside and feeling like on the verge of puking I’d be so fucking proud of myself goddamn.

holy fuck i should go to bed

that took way to fucking long

i need to sleep